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What We Do?
What We Do? 
When it comes to digital photograpy it's more a question of 'what don't we do?'. Magic Pictures has its finger on the pulse of souvenir photography and image capture technologies, as such offers a wide variety of services and products to our partners. Now we are inviting you to join us for a journey to our magic world. Please follow us... 

We know this business from top to bottom
Our locations run proprietary software systems operating in custom built stores, manned by our professionally trained staff. Magic Pictures is the premier solution for souvenir photography. 
Our Team We recognize that this business is diverse and ever-changing and have built a comprehensive team of professionals to become the industry leader in souvenir photography. 
Have an attraction or location? Let us show you how a partnership with Magic Pictures can bring Magical Photos to your guests, and profit to your company. 

Welcome to the Magic World of 'Magic Pictures'!!!